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Who is ProtoQuick?

Creative people with limitless ideas!

ProtoQuick, Inc. was formed in June of 2012 by merging Ken Staal Design and ProtoQuick. Ken Staal and Carl Anderson have worked together for many years in varying capacities and realized that by combining their complementary skills they would be much better positioned for growth and will offer more to our current and future customers. With more than 20 years’ experience in machining, we bring a unique understanding that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the field and enables us to do what each of us does best.

Carl Anderson - President

Carl has owned or managed machine shops while collaborating with engineering teams since 1986. His work experience has immersed him in high pressure, time sensitive projects that involved close collaboration with engineers, designers, clients, and end users.

His projects have included highly precise engineering prototypes, aesthetic form and proof of concept models, as well as full size physical environments.

His career highlights include:

Ken Staal - Vice President

Ken has owned an engineering design company since 2001. His guiding principle was to “bring the shop floor into the design room.” Ken has identified new ways to serve and support clients and help move their projects from design to prototype to production in a cost-effective manner.

He understands the fast pace and costs associated with product development and the costs of miscalculations. During his 25 years of model shop experience he has been dedicated to meeting delivery schedules and producing top quality fabricated parts.

His career highlights include: